Frequently Asked Questions


What is the association contact info?

Box 1270
Grand Bank, NL
A0E 1W0
Soccer Hut Tel: 832-1040


How much is registration?

Registration Fee is $70.00 Per Child

For those families with more children in the immediate family the fee structure is as follows:
2 Children – $120.00
3 or More Children-$150.00 Total


How long is the season?

Like in previous years, the ‘regular’ summer soccer season takes place from the end of June to the end of August. The annual “Kick-Off” will take place in June, and the annual “Celebration Banquet and Awards Ceremony” will take place at the end of August.  In addition, we have added even more this year.  We will start a spring season from May-June, as well as a Fall/Winter season from September-April.  The two new added seasons will be of NO EXTRA COST to our youth.  As long as youth are registered with our association for the year, they can take part in the additional seasons.  We feel that soccer can be, and should be, played all year long!  It’s more fun for the kids, and it’ll only help to improve their skillset and fitness.


Registration Fee Breakdown: The club registration fee includes the levees charged by the Canadian Soccer Association, Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association and Burin Peninsula Soccer Association and the Labrador Subsidy. Remaining money is used by the club for local programs. This could include the purchasing of equipment, hosting tournaments, travel, banquets and awards.


What is the ‘Uniform Deposit’?

After years of wearing the same old faded jerseys, our association decided to go out and purchase brand new Umbro soccer uniforms for all age groups.  We are giving parents the option to buy their own uniform that they can keep for $45, or pay a $30 deposit upon registration and be given a uniform to wear for the season.  At the end of the season, the uniform will be returned to the soccer association, and the $30 deposit will be returned.


How do I register?

There are scheduled registration times. Register your children in person at one of these times.


I would like to register my child for the soccer program but cannot afford the cost. What can I do?

Please contact Tom Burton. There are several funding options available.


Will there be fundraising?

All youth will be given 10 ‘Grand In Your Hand” tickets at the annual minor soccer “Kick Off” event near the end of June.  These 10 tickets will be the only fundraising that the association will ask of the parent each year.  The association members will still be carrying out other fundraising events throughout the year, and would certainly encourage everyone to support these efforts, but there is no requirement to sell anything or to take part in these.


How do I contact my child’s coach?

Contact your parent rep for any issues and concerns or to contact your child’s coach. Parent rep’s have the coaches contact information. If you have any feedback, issues or concerns, speak directly to an executive member of the association or email the soccer account so as it can be addressed in a timely fashion.


I’d like to be a volunteer. How can I help?

We appreciate the help and are looking for people to support, guide and encourage our teams. If you would like to help out our association in any way, contact us by email at with your contact information and how you would like to help.


Who are my child’s coach, and parent representative?

Groups will meet their coach and be advised of their parent representative once registration is finalized and program schedules created. Date to be announced.  You will be notified of your child(s) practice schedule once final registration has occurred.

Your child’s coach will be introduced to you at first practice.


When are the games, and where are they played?

Game schedules and out of town tournaments are scheduled in advance.  Fields and team schedules are not finalized until all players are registered. Once finalized, you will be given a copy. Transportation for games is the responsibility of the parents of players.


Is soccer going ahead tonight?

Your child’s parent rep will advise you of any changes in program schedule. The decision to cancel a practice due to any reason, for example weather rests solely with the coach. Contact your parent rep as it would be beneficial to start a phone tree or email system among all parents.  When you register you will be asked to provide your email address.  Our executive, parent reps, coaches, and student workers will have access to this list and will be able to quickly send out any notification that needs to be sent out.  Also, we have a public Facebook page ( that we encourage everyone to “Like” and keep an eye on each day.  Finally, your child’s coach will likely have a private Facebook group for your specific age group. Communication can take place here as well.


What type of equipment does my child need?

All players are responsible to have shorts/pants, shin guards, soccer socks, and cleats.


How often will the practices be held?

Spring Season: A minimum of 1 hour per week.
Summer Season: A minimum of 2 hours per week.
Fall/Winter Season: A minimum of 1 hour per week.


What type of experience will the coach have?

All of our coaches are volunteers and have varying levels of experience. The coach will have an understanding of the game and the ability to teach and lead others.  Coaches are expected to abide by Fair Play Guidelines. All coaches have obtained certification with the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association.  This training includes;

  • Community Coaching Children
  • Community Coaching Youth
  • Harassment Training

All coaches are required to provide the GBFSC with a Criminal Records Screening Certificate from The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Who are the executive members of the Grand Bank/Fortune Soccer Association?

President – Travis Parsons
Vice-President – Jason Grandy
Secretary/Treasurer – Michelle Patten
Director – Jessica Bolt
Director – Tyler Butt
Director – Sherry Burton
Director – Colin Clements
Director – Kelvin Feltham
Director – Elaine Kelland
Director – Kevin Mortimer
Director – Doris Price
Recreation Commission Rep – Tom Burton


If there are any other questions feel free to contact a member of the GBFSA.

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